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Additions & Remodels

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Encinitas Addition. Garage and master bedroom addition, new roof and windows
RokBox Image
Front Facade remodel, new stucco color, foam detail and stack stone.
RokBox Image Front facade remodel, new windows, stack stone, craftsman style.
RokBox Image Office and game room addition, integrated into existing tract home style.
RokBox Image Room addition and covered patio in contemporary style.
RokBox Image Major home remodel in Carlsbad, new windows and decks.
RokBox Image Major home remodel of 1920's house. Design by Brooks Design.
RokBox Image Custom fascia detail, new decks, kitchen, bathrooms, all wood windows.
RokBox Image Major home remodel in Oceanside, new facade and interior.
RokBox Image Encinitas home remodel.

Looking to make your Southern California dreams a reality? Brooks Worthing with his team of skilled and knowledgeable professionals have been doing just that for hundreds of homeowners throughout San Diego’s North County region for over thirty years.


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